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Grand Opening: S33 Dragon Fury (Sept. 13th 7:00 PM)

New Server: S33 Dragon Fury
Launch Time: Sept. 13th 7:00 PM (PDT)
Server Link:

Login Gift

[Event 1] Beginner's Luck!

[Event 2] Welcome Gift


Super Value Packs

[Event 1] First Timer's Bonus Pack

[Event 2] Super Value Packs—Add more and get more!


Hot Events

[Event 1] Historical Campaigns

[Event 2] Last Man Standing

[Event 3] Huang Zhong’s Blows

[Event 4] Marquis Title

[Event 5] Development and Honor Rewards


Legion Events

[Event 1] Join a Legion

[Event 2] Legion Growth Gift Pack

[Event 3] Legion Thread—Strength and Honor

Swift Development

[Event 1] Level up Heroes

[Event 2] City Points

[Event 3] Recruit Units


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