False Orders

1. Ordered by the Primer, it changes the number of troops shows in system message when attacking a city. It does not affect the number of current orders.
2. Every day 3 False Orders can be sent and is shown for a certain amount of time (right now set to 3 hours). You can only have one false order for the same city.
3. When False Orders are set up as a percentage of a number shown in the system message. They can only set up prior to being shown and cannot be set up during the 3 hour period, meaning you can’t make one appear now and only last for an hour.
4. False Orders can be set up as early as 48 hours before they are to be shown.
5. False Orders do not use a CD and Primers can send more than one False Order at a time. The most that can be set prior and running is 6 at one time, but only 3 can be used at one time. If more than three orders are active players will be prompted with a system message.
6. False orders are valid for 3 hours after the start time. Only those that have not started can be cancelled.
7. After cities and time have been selected, the False Order will show up in the Chat box.



Note: Names and information may change prior to the release of this version.

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