Dear TKO Friends, Merry christmas to everyone! To celebrate the big festival, we prepared the egg event. We put many magnificent gifts in the eggs. Such as Superior Emperor's Order, Enhanced Steel, Rotation Order, parts of famous set, Tablets, Bolus and so on. When you add 100 gold, you can smash the lucky egg once, add more and smash more!


Event time (server time):

00:00 Dec 25 ~ 23:59 Dec 28 (Valid time for adding gold)

00:00 Dec 25 ~ 23:59 Dec 30 (Valid time for smashing eggs


All servers

1. Make sure to choose the right server or the reward will notbe able to send correctly.
2. You can smash the lucky egg once for every 100 gold top up.
3. Lucky egg contains many kinds of gifts, for more details please check our furom event thread.
4. Lucky Eggs is limited, first come first served.
5. All rewards are bound and can't be presented.