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1. Instruction

Multiserver Arena System provides a very good opportunity for players from different servers to compete with each other. The system divides into two parts: Tournament and Championship, which are both based on cross-servers.


2. Tournament

Tournament holds 5 days every week. Players can obtain credits by engaging with opponents assigned by system automatically. The top 200 players on Credit Ranking will be eligible to enter Championship at weekends.


3. Championship

Championship holds on Saturday and Sunday every week. At the beginning of each Championship, all 200 players from different servers will be ranked according to their credits obtained from the Tournament. By defeating any player who ranks above you, you could take his rank. Each challenge consumes certain credits. So more credits you earn from Tournament, more chances of challenge you can have in Championship. When Championship is over, players will be rewarded accordingly based on the final ranking, and winner's server will get extra bonus too.


4. Bet

Players can also enjoy some extra fun in Bet function. Before Championship ends, by making a single bet on which server will eventually win, players can gain some extra bonus accordingly.


5. Rewards



Champion Chest: It may contain a Felheart Loop, a Clasp of Fallen God, a Seal of Essence or a Nemesis Girdle.
Valour Chest: It may contain a Collar of Eternity, a Crafty Brooch, a Tsunami Bond or a Foresight Sash.


6. Schedule


7. Others

a). Each battle in Championship consumes 8 credits.
b). Players can have 10 free times and 5 pay times to challenge opponents in each Tournament Day.
c). Players can use “Boost” function to increase Units in Championship.
d). We may give extra attractive rewards to both Champion Chest and Valour Chest winners in Championship on some special occasions, please pay attention to our event news regularly.

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