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Mythic Tower

- Mythic Tower is available at level 80, a new PVE game-play system.


- Players can enter Mythic Tower at any time to challenge unlimited floors.


- Battle occurs in Mythic Tower does not consume Banner.


- Player can find abundant game resources in Mythic Tower.


- Mythic Tower refreshes at 0:00 AM server time every day.




Click the icon above the screen to enter Mythic Tower Interface:



a). Area 1 divides into two parts: Trophies Record and Challenge Record.

b). Trophies Record shows the recent activities (results and rewards) for players in your server while you are staying at Mythic Tower Interface.


c). Challenge Record ranks the number of conquered floors in descending order.



a). Area 2 divides into two parts: Possible Rewards of the present floor and the next integral floor.

b). All floors except integral floors in Mythic Tower will have a chance to drop one of the following rewards randomly: Battle Points, Silver, Gold, Evolution Points and Gear Fragment (extremely rare).

c). All integral floors (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.) drop Mythic Tower Chest, which contains Chaos Gems, Single Stat Rune or Superior Hero Token.


a). Area 3 divides into two parts: Normal Challenge and Quick-Challenge.

b). By clicking the “Challenge” button, you can attack the guards of the present floor with your current PVE formation, the battle can't be skipped.

c). By clicking the “Quick-Challenge” button, you can skip and win as many floors as you select by using gold without engaging guards. You can only skip the floors you already have passed in the past.

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