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Superior Hero


- Superior Hero is available at level 80.


- There are 30 Kingdom Superior Heroes and 6 Neutral Superior Heroes in total.


- They have highly increased main stats, evolved superior skills, and altered attack types.


- Putting specific two of Superior Heroes inside of any formation at the same time will activate powerful Combination Skills.

1. Basic

a). Superior Hero starts at Level 80 with 78 Stars. Superior Hero starts at Level 80 after every Rebirth.

b). Each Superior Hero needs 80 corresponding Superior Hero Tokens to unlock.

c). Players can find Superior Hero Token from Mythic Tower and Tavern.

d). After a successfully recruitment, the 80 corresponding Superior Hero Tokens will be deducted. If you dismiss a Superior Hero, you will not get a refund. Recruiting the same Superior Hero again does not need Superior Token anymore.


2. Combination Skill

a). Combination Skill launches at the end of every round. Attackers always launch all available Combination Skills first, defenders always launch all available Combination Skills after.


b). Combination Skill randomly takes one of the two corresponding Superior Heroes as a reference substance. All friendly beneficial Combination Skills don’t affect on this reference substance.



























- Tavern Tower is available at level 80, a place for trading Superior Hero Token.


- Players can purchase and recycle Superior Hero Token in Tavern.



Click the “Hero” icon at the bottom of the screen, and switching to “Tavern” Tag:


a). Area 1 shows the inventory status of all Superior Tokens you currently have.

b). You can sell the tokens you currently have into Universal Token (ratio 1:1), which can be used for purchasing Regular and Advanced Token Chests.


a). Area 2 shows the purchasing interface of Superior Hero Token Chest.

b). Superior Hero Token Chest divides into 3 types: Regular, Advanced and Royal.

c). Regular and Advanced need to use Universal Token to purchase, Royal needs to use Gold to purchase.


d). Regular, Advanced and Royal Chests contain different amounts and types of Superior Hero Tokens.

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