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Beast Sculpture Jewelry

- Beast Sculpture is available at level 100, a new type of Jewelry.

- Beast Sculpture has 7 grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact and Eternal.


(Examples of 7 grades of Beast Sculpture Jewelry)


1. Main Stat: Units (percentage), which adds units amount by a certain percentage. Example: Eternal Beast Sculpture – Azure Dragon adds Units (percent) + 250 = 25%


2. Side Stat: Includes Units, Bravery, Tactics, Magic and Crit Rate.





Old Jewelrys Upgrade


- From now on, Pendant, Clasp, Ring and Belt can be upgraded to Artifact and Eternal Grades.


(Examples of 2 new grades of Pendant, Clasp, Ring and Belt Jewelry)





Newly Updated Side Stats


- 10 block= 1% block rate, 20 block= 2% block rate, 30 hit rate=3% spell hit rate. 40 dodge= 4% dodge rate, 80 Crit=8% crit rate.

- The Bravery, Tactics and Magic can only multiple the damages, but they can't add attack for players, it is same with morale for gambit heroes and crit, which can only multiple the damages too.

- For example: Gambit damage = (Gambit Attack - Gambit defense) X [1+(Tactics of attacker - Tactics of defender) X 0.01] X Crit X (morale X 0.01). But for[(Tactics of attacker - Tactics of defender) X 0.01] , the maximum value is 50%.

- If the Tactics of defender is higher than the Tactics of Attacker, he can reduce the damage from attacker by a percentage.







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